Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Meeting of Two Strong Minds

I finally got the yard at my place approved for quarantine and Scout came home. I was unsure about how she would go float loading as she had been through so much to get to Australia. I need not have worried though. I led her up to the float and she said no once to going on. I stood with her comforting her, centered myself and then walked on and she followed without hesitation. She travelled beautifully for the short trip home.

I unloaded her and put her in her new yard. She was fine whilst I was with her but when I would leave she would panic, call out and canter around the pen (which says alot about her stress level as she rarely expends this much energy unless absolutely necessary). It was a restless night for both her and I. I could hear her throughout the night and my heart went out to her.

I contacted AQIS - quarantine services and asked for permission to put another horse in with her. A few emails later and permission for my brumby mare to join her was granted. Sienna, a brumby mare I rescued a couple of years ago, is a sensitive horse with people however she is a lead mare and she can be very expressive in her dominance at times. She is an extremely special horse that holds a strong place in my heart. She would be who I would turn Scout out with eventually anyway so I decided that she may also be the best one to help her calm down.

Here is a video of the introduction

As you may notice in the video Scout has developed a skin reaction. This area of Queensland is terrible for Queensland itch and I thought that she may have developed it already despite the fact that it is not really the right time of year for the biting insects to be bothering horses. I sat with this for awhile and looking at the hives appearing on her body I decided to contact my homeopath. I would consider my homeopath to be one of the best. She is an incredible woman with a wonderful gift. I wrote her a three page story on Scout's symptoms, emotional issues and journey so far and she is now receiving a remedy to help. I am already seeing improvements in her wellbeing. She is also scratching less and her skin seems a little better also.

I am so thrilled to have these two incredible mares right here with me. Scout is really settling in now and I am starting to see different sides to her personality as she continues to relax more due to having Sienna around and getting routinely fed 3 times per day. Whenever she sees me walk out of the house, I am greeted with a very enthusiastic neigh. She is far more affectionate now and I tend to have her and Sienna attached to my hip when I go into the yard with them.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I wandered out to the yard and stood with the girls. The mist was still clinging to the nearby mountains and the air was crisp and clean. Sienna greeted me in her lovely way, sharing warm breath with me then placing her cheek against mine and sharing a loving gesture. Scout nickered to me and came over standing close and looking into me with those incredible eyes of hers that express so much. Time ceases to exist in these special moments. The simple joy at exchanging unconditional love through connection with these horses feel's like the most wonderful gift I could ever have dreamt of.