Saturday, November 27, 2010

Without Spanish Mustangs!

Scout just before leaving for training
Life is feeling a little strange and empty right now without my Spanish Mustang girls in it!  Scout is now in 8 weeks training with Wayne Williams.  He was the Australian National Reining Champion in 2009 and he has trained a couple of horses for me in the past.  He has a lovely, quiet way about him and the horses do really well with him.  Scout needed some consistency in her training and I thought that she would really like the way that Wayne trains.  Scout has a no nonense attitude with training and is very business like about it all.  She likes clear direction and with my life the way it is at the moment I cannot give her that consistency that she is craving right now.  She is really wanting to work right now which I must say surprised me.  She changed dramatically after Lacey was weaned and now felt like the right time.  I will start endurance training with her once she gets home.  She is really going to love that as she is always eager to see what is around the next corner when we go walking.  She is a very strong, brave horse with a huge heart and I am so excited to start this next chapter of our time together. 

Little Lacey as curious and mischievous as ever!
Lacey is with my friends getting exposure to new situations without the cradling of the mares.  She to seems to be loving the change. These horses really do love adventure and new situations.  Lacey has 3 geldings to talk to over the fence and they all try to harshly put her in her place.  She has been allowed to get away with a lot with the mares so this is a bit different for her.  She holds her own though and is bonding up with the big quarter horse gelding in particular.  She gets regular walks through the scrub, along busy roads and into the ocean none of which seem to worry her instead brightening the spark in her eye and fulfilling her need for stimulation.  

I am very reluctantly offering her for sale from October 2011.  It is a tough decision for me as she has been a constant companion since her birth.  I sense from her that she would like to have her own person - someone who will give her a lot of time and adventure.  With me having numerous horses I don't get to spend the time I would like to spend with her.  She is a very bold filly that will have a huge future and I don't want to hold her back from that.  Enquiries are welcome at this time and details can be found on our website

Neosho is doing so well under the gentle guidance of Sus.  He is a sweet and kind soul and that is very apparent when I watch the videos of his training.  Sus is a very rare type of trainer and I am incredibly grateful to have found her.  It seems that Neosho is winning the hearts of all that meet him with his big heart and open nature.

Grey Feather is fat and happy in New Mexico.  Donna says she is really mellow and coming in each day for her pats and hay.  It sounds like she could definitely be in foal but I will get her tested in another month or so to be sure.  

Beautiful Kiowa
Sienna and Kiowa seem a little lost without their friends but it is nice to be able to spend all this time with them right now.  I took Kiowa riding with my friends in the bush last week and she loved every minute of it.  Kiowa is a true no fuss horse that is happy to do anything asked of her.  I adore her and feel so lucky to have her with me.  I like to walk some of the trails when I am out and I tie the reins around her neck and she happily follows behind me.  If she lags back I can just whistle to her and she will trot up and rejoin me.  She is a one in a million horse and I am having such a great time with her. 

I will be taking Sienna and Kiowa for a week out bush with friends after Christmas.  I think they will enjoy the change of scenery and they always seem happy to have me sleeping near them when we camp.

Well that is all the news right now.  Today brings a long car ride out West to look at possible rental properties. Fingers crossed we find the perfect place for us all!