Monday, August 9, 2010

USA Adventures - Part 4

We got up the following day and started our drive out to the Windcross Conservancy to meet Lucy.    Eventually we found Lucy's place and I noted it immediately when I saw the zebra dun stallion Syndicated Copper in the front pasture.  I stopped the car to take a closer look at him and he lifted his head and peered through his forelock at me curiously.  What a sweetheart!  He was with some lovely gelding and yearling colts and although I was eager to spend some time with them, we drove down the driveway to introduce ourselves to Lucy.  

Lucy's mum was there and we chatted for a short time before Lacey pulled up and introduced herself then took us to see Dunsmoke Reno - grulla roan stallion and a young colt of his.  The colt had not been on the property long and was still nervous however was warming quickly to Lacey.  He is a very nice colt and I am sure will mature into a lovely horse.  Unfortunately I forgot to get photos of him.

Then it was on to see the mares and foals.  They were an extremely friendly group of quality horses and they all had a fondness for standing inside a giant metal pipe that was in the paddock.  The fillys were eager for lots of attention and I had fun obliging them.  Miss Chato was willing for a pat or two as well.  She is a lovely mare from Caballo De Destino.  We spent quite awhile in this pasture and it was very hard to drag ourselves away from these horses.  Kitty Belle was incredibly sweet and she had an outstanding colt from Reno with her.

Lastly we visited with the lovely Copper and the geldings and colt he lived with.  Copper has the sweetest, loving temperament and is such a gentle stallion.  He also loved all the attention that we gladly gave him.

Lucy very kindly gave me some lessons regarding Spanish conformation and talked me through the bloodlines of alot of the horses.  After a wonderful dinner with Lucy it was time for the drive back to the hotel.  We reluctantly left that evening and then planned for our next leg of the trip out to see Leslie at Twin Hollows in Minnesota.

This mare is such a stunning horse that really got my attention!

Wild Flower (Chief Crazy Horse x Cat Ballou) and her 2010 colt by Dunsmoke Reno


The mares all waiting for a turn to have a nap in the pipe

Reno's 2009 colts and one of the geldings having a play

Syndicated Copper (Texas Pony Syndicate x Mexi Jo)