Wednesday, February 24, 2010

After the storm

Here is a link to a video I took of the girls enjoying life after a storm just passed over

Lacey is growing up fast and is maturing into a stunning horse. She is still as outgoing as ever however is a dream to handle. I can trim her at liberty in the paddock now and she leads beautifully and ties up well. I am hoping to get her out of the paddock on some adventures soon as she craves stimulation of new things.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Finding the Magic of the Spanish Mustang

Since my last post where I finally understood what Scout needed from me and what I needed for myself, our relationship has changed out of sight. I could try all the methods in the world but I still would have missed the point and that is to build the bond between us, trust her and myself and the rest just comes easily.

Since January I have ridden Scout a number of times at complete liberty in the paddock. Since that day I have had no problem at all with her moving out. She has an enormous walk and is a very smooth ride.

I have started taking her out walking each afternoon. Before when I would do this she would get very upset, calling for the herd and refusing to move sometimes. Since my epiphany in January, all that has disappeared. She will walk right beside me at my shoulder now matching my stride. Most horses I have walked have to trot to keep up with my walk however Scouts huge stride matches mine perfectly.

Another change that has occurred is since I have been spending more of this time with her she makes a point of leaving the herd wherever they may be and coming down to the front paddock each morning and night to stand near my caravan. If I don't come out she will call to me and she is satisfied to go back to the herd again once she sees me.

I was attracted to this breed due to all the stories I have read over the years from Spanish Mustang owners about the depth of the connection that is formed once they let you in. Well I feel like I am finally getting to know Scout and I am overwhelmed by all that she brings to my life. It is hard to adequately put into words the experience of sharing time with a Spanish Mustang. Scout demands I be honest with myself and with her. She will never be a push button horse and that is another point that drew me to this breed. She is confident about her place in the world and expects the same from me. When I realise that and find that place in myself she is soft and willing. She has an enormous amount of power in her which can only be felt once in her presence. I have seen her open up to a flat out gallop around the paddock and I am always gobsmacked to watch her on the occasion that she does this. She is a solid build horse however she has the endurance to go all day long and incredible cat like agility. What a journey we are having together!