Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wonderful times

I have been having such wonderful fun with the horses. So much so that I have been very remiss with my blogging. So here is a catch up.

I have now moved the horses back down to Brisbane as they will be staying with my friend whilst I am in the USA. They all travelled brilliantly and were so thrilled to be back again. The property had flourished during the time we were away and they now have over 40 acres of native grasses to keep them busy and happy for the time I am away.

I was unprepared for the amount of rain that the Sunshine Coast gets and the paddock the girls were in turned very muddy so I am also pleased to have them back on the shale mountain paddock to give their hooves a good workout again. They have been galloping up and around the mountain announcing to the neighbouring geldings that they are back again. The boys are as thrilled as they are it seems!

Since coming back I have started some work with Scout again. I had just left her be for the past couple of months. She seemed like she wanted some mental stimulation again so I asked her into the round yard and we played with some groundwork all of which she performed at liberty perfectly so I hopped on her bareback and was amazed at how soft she was to my aids now. I know I keep saying it but she has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. She is a soft and gentle teacher and she makes a very willing student of me!

Both Scout and Lacey started growing their winter coats in ernest about a month ago. I kept reminding them that they live in Queensland now and not Minnesota and perhaps that amount of hair was not necessary yet. The poor girls have been sweating through the heat of the day but I am sure with time their bodies will adjust.

Today I decided it might be nice to take Lacey out for a walk on her own. She has been following me around the property again so I figured she may like the change of scenery. She was understandably a little anxious at first walking close beside me and calling out a couple of times. She was very intrigued by all the signs on the road and the school bus that passed us. She walked on a loose line and followed my body language beautifully. She is such a smart little filly and although she has a very strong lead mare personality, she is a joy to work with as long as I stay soft and non-reactive with her.

I am really going to miss them all during my 6 weeks away. They are such an integral part of my daily existence and I am so grateful to have them share this time with me.