Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neosho - Australia's First Purebred Spanish Mustang Stallion

Scouts 1st time at a surf beach - Noosa Nth Shore
Firstly, I must apologise for my extended absence.  I have been spending the last couple of months having wonderful times with the horses.  Scout is doing so well under saddle and we have been making regular trips to the beach, camping in the mountains and now I am starting endurance training with her.  She is ridden in a halter and is a dream to ride bareback.  She really never ceases to amaze me with her laid back demeanour and I am surprised at the fact that the more I ride her to more affectionate she is with me.  She is incredibly sure footed and I am amazed at how she can avoid any hole or obstacle that I haven't noticed.  She is agile and so much fun to be around.  It seems she passes these traits on to her foals and with Neosho's gentle, sweet and wise nature they should have some very special foals together.  

Neosho in training at Freehorse Farm
Neosho is finally getting ready to head for quarantine.  He will be going into quarantine in April and flying to Australia early May.  His training went exceptionally well and I am very eagerly awaiting his arrival so I can start getting to know him.  He has gone from running with 17 other stallions for the past 7 years at the Cayuse Ranch with little human interaction to 6 days a week gentle training with Sus at Freehorse Farm for the past 6 months.  Sus describes him as a very wise, gentle and noble soul.  That was the impression I got when I met him briefly at the Cayuse back in June.  He has a softness about him that is plain to see but he also has a depth and spirit to him that makes him a joy to behold.  I am in the process of setting up a paddock for him around a house I am moving into next week.  He will be right at the house which will hopefully enable me to spend time with him regularly and keep a close eye on him while he is settling in to the shock of all the changes of coming to a new country brings for him.

Sadly, Grey Feather won't be joining us here in Australia until 2012.  She will foal at the Little Cayuse Ranch in New Mexico in July and we are all excited to see this little one.  I hope to have her on her way by early to mid next year all going to plan!

Neosho at the Cayuse Ranch before beginning his long journey