Monday, August 31, 2009

Lacey has found her feet!!!

Lacey is just such a little character. She boldly marches up to me and licks my face and arms. She is very gentle and sweet and just loves to be scratched. Scout has eased up on protecting her so much now and is happy to let her do her own thing now.

Here is some video I took yesterday of a play session:

I couldn't be happier with this little filly

Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome Scout's Honour to the World

In the early hours of the morning, Indian Scout had a beautiful Spanish Mustang filly. I have called her Scouts Honour and her paddock name is Lacey. It was a dramatic entry into the world for little Lacey. I heard Scout whinnying about 3:30am and didn't think much of it as she often calls out to check where Sienna is at night. It went on for awhile so I got up and went out to check her. She was absolutely frantic when I got up to the yard. I went in to try to calm her down and noticed Sienna was standing nearby. I then looked down to see the placenta on the ground and so I to started to panic. I searched around the yard but no foal. I was very puzzled so I ran and woke Carmen up to come and help me. We both puzzled over what could have happened and why there was no foal to be seen but clearly Scout had given birth and was distressed. We searched farther afield and were shocked to find the foal leaning on the fence just before the dam some 50 metres away from the yard. It was q uite the struggle to get the foal up to the yard as she was a big, strong girl. Eventually we got Scout and Lacey reunited and they got to the task of bonding.

Scout is a very good mother although quite a tough one. It is fascinating to watch her teach Lacey the ways of the world. She can be a little rough on her at times for example if Lacey is to rough on the teat she will give her a nip or if she isn't listening to Scout she will promptly put her back into place. Scout is very protective of her and has changed in personality dramtically since Lacey arrived.

I am amazed at how tough and sensible this breed are. Lacey is an absolute delight and I cannot wait to get her and Scout settled into our new home. We should be able to move within 3 weeks all going well.

Here is a link to some video I took of Lacey's first few hours with us:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy Times

I have been very busy again of late. I am now packing up house again and Rich will be moving into our new place on Friday which is 3 hours North of where we are now just outside a place called Gympie. I will move up in a month once Scout has foaled and can travel.

We are so looking forward to setting the property up for the horses. I have somehow managed to get my horse herd up to 5 mares with 2 foals on the way. I was not thrilled at the idea of having Scout's foal raised without a playmate so I went out and bought a thoroughbred mare in foal to the arabian stallion Al Maheeb. She is due on the 9th October although her belly looks much larger than Scout's! She is a very sweet mare with a 'been there, done that' temperament. She has been ridden and cared for by a 10 year old girl so that will give you an idea of her nature. I will post some pics of her once I have picked her up and have her settled into our new home. Her name is Pride.

Scout is coming closer to foaling now and I am nervous and excited. Her belly is rock hard and I imagine she must be feeling quite uncomfortable - poor darling. I checked her again this morning and she is already starting to develop an udder. She isn't due until the 27th August but I suspect she may go early.

She has been a delight for me lately. At feed time now all I have to do is stand tall with my shoulders square and Scout will position herself very politely 2 metres back behind me and wait very patiently for her food. She learnt this cue very soon after arriving here with me but she would still be to close in my space when it came to feeding time. She is now moving out of my space when I assert my energy more much like my more sensitive horses do. I am shocked at how quickly she learns. You show her something once and she remembers.

I have watched how Sienna has to sometimes escalate her dominance with Scout to a point where she was more assertive than I have ever seen her with another horse. The two have formed a very tight bond now but Sienna will often have to put Scout back into her place.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the politics that will emerge when I reunite my herd together again. I went to see Kiowa at my friends place the other day and I am so excited about her coming home soon. She has so much character that she leaves me laughing and gazing at her in disbelief. My friend told me that she thought Kiowa was bored there now. Soon after she made that comment Kiowa decided it would be fun to chase the dog's all over the paddock (needless to say, the dog's weren't real thrilled at the idea) . During the chase Kiowa would squeal with delight and buck and snort. Once the dog's had gotten out her way then she continued to leap up and down on the spot squealing and kicking. She has such a childish exuberance about her and before I even met Scout I suspected that Kiowa and her would bond strongly. I am hoping that my prediction is correct and they can entertain one another. I think Kiowa will enjoy having the foals around to play with also. Her games remind me of the glee and delight that foal's tend to show in play. Just that pure joy at being alive and expressing themselves in a way so unique to horses.