Friday, February 27, 2009

Indian Scout's Long Journey Begins

I stumbled across the Spanish Mustang a number of years ago when I was looking at rare breed horses. Since that time my desire to import one to Australia has never wavered. The intelligence, toughness and strength of nature of these horses struck me deeply. I fell in love with a lovely colt last year when visiting Sharon and Tim at Rainbows End Farm. That was my first encounter with these magnificent horses and it certainly didn't disappoint. It was a pleasure spending time with such fine horses and Sharon's knowledge was invaluable to me as I start to learn as much as I can about the breed. I cherish that initial encounter with Utah Blaine and the friendship I have kept with Sharon since visiting. I have continued to get to know other enthusiasts and have been impressed with their kindness, willingness to share their knowledge about the horses and openness to invite me to come and stay if I ever get back to the USA.

Leslie from Twin Hollows Spanish Mustangs contacted me a couple of years ago when I first started enquiring about the horses. She emailed me pictures of her herd and I was taken by a pretty dunskin mare named Indian Scout. It just so happened that late last year, I managed to sell my land and business and therefore could afford my first Spanish Mustang. Soon after this Scout came up for sale. I contacted Leslie and purchased Scout who was then put in foal to Renegade Shadow. Finally, after 4 years of hoping, waiting and saving, I am fortunate enough to be bringing out the first Spanish Mustang to grace Australian shores.

This process has been a huge one and I am so grateful to Leslie for all her hard work, patience, knowledge, advice and friendship over the past five months.

Once the decision had been made to bring Scout to Australia then the arduous process began. It would take 5 months for Scout to be fully vaccinated to Australian standards and therefore be approved for travel. Poor Scout has had numerous vaccinations and ultrasounds over the past few months but had remained calm throughout it all.

Last week Leslie said goodbye as Scout was loaded onto a truck to start the long trip from Minnesota to the quarantine facility in LA. Blackshire's delivered her without incident to Monty Roberts 'Flag is up' Farms where she is now spending her three weeks in quarantine before she flies out to Australia on the 21st of March.

I am told that she is in good hands and is eating and drinking well. However, I don't think my nerves will settle until she arrives at her new home.


  1. Let's see if this works now?

    Anyway as I said onthe board Congrats! and I will be looking forward to following your journey together. Looking forward to the baby as well.


  2. Thanks Susan. I will be sure to provide plenty of photos of the foal once it is born :)

  3. Wonderful news, Kirsty! I will enjoy watching you and Scout's new life together. I'm happy that you have joined us in the blogging world.


  4. Thanks Simrat. I think I am going to enjoy blogging. I have certainly been enjoying reading yours and the other spanish mustangers blogs. I have been learning alot about these horses that way :)

  5. Congrats on your new friend. She's a looker!I would be the anticipation of wiating for her is the hardest part. I look forward to following along as you and your new friend get to know each other.

  6. Thanks Jonna. The waiting is the toughest part. This process sure has taught me patience ;)

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